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Closed-End Funds Symbols and CUSIP numbers

    Fund Name Ticker Symbol CUSIP Number
Equity Trust     GAB     362397101
    Equity Trust Pfd D     GABprD     362397705
    Equity Trust Pfd G     GABprG     362397176
    Equity Trust Pfd H     GABprH     362397861
    Equity Trust Pfd J     GABprJ     362397853
Convertible & Inc Sec Fund     GCV     36240B109
    Convertible & Inc Sec Pfd B     GCVprB     36240B307
Multimedia Trust     GGT     36239Q109
    Multimedia Trust Pfd B     GGTprB     36239Q307
    Multimedia Trust Pfd E     GGTprE     36239Q505
Utility Trust     GUT     36240A101
    Utility Trust Pfd A     GUTprA     36240A200
    Utility Trust Pfd C     GUTprC     36240A408
Dividend & Income Trust     GDV     36242H104
    Div. and Inc. Trust Pfd A     GDVprA     36242H203
    Div. and Inc. Trust Pfd D     GDVprD     36242H500
    Div. and Inc. Trust Pfd G     GDVprG     36242H708
Global Utility & Income Trust     GLU     36242L105
    Global Utility & Income Trust Pfd A     GLUprA     36242L204
GAMCO Gl Gold, Natural Res & Inc.     GGN     36465A109
    GAMCO Gl Gold, Natural Res & Inc. Pfd B     GGNprB     36465A307
The GDL Fund     GDL     361570104
    The GDL Fund Pfd C     GDLPrC     361570401
Healthcare and WellnessRx Trust     GRX     36246K103
    Healthcare Trust Pfd A     GRXprA     36246K202
    Healthcare Trust Pfd B     GRXprB     36246K301
GAMCO Natural Res, Gold & Inc.     GNT     36465E101
    GNT - Pfd A     GNTPrA     36465E200
Global Small and Mid Cap Value Trust     GGZ     36249W104
    GGZ Preferred A     GGZprA     36249W203
Bancroft Fund     BCV     059695106
    Bancroft Fund Pfd A     BCVprA     059702209
Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd.     ECF     289074106
    Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd. Pfd A     ECFprA     289074205
GGO Trust     GGO     36250J109
    GGO Trust Pfd A     GGOprA     36250J208
Gabelli Value Plus+ Trust Plc     GVP LN     BTLJYS4
Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust (GMP LN)     GMP LN     BD8P074